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Sleep Central Mattress Store

About Us

Sleep Central Mattress Store is a locally owned and operated mattress and furniture store in Richardson, TX. Sleep Central was founded by Allen Harrell Sr, and his son Allen Harrell Jr. Father and son have over 70 years experience in the mattress and furniture retail industry.

The elder Allen opened his first store in Richardson in 1969 at the corner of Greenville Avenue and Beltline. This store, Harrell's Accessories for the Home, was operated by Mrs. Carole Harrell, wife of Allen Sr. and Allen Jr's mother. This store was a satellite of the larger Harrell Furniture located at Farmer's Branch, TX. Mrs. Harrell recalls that in 1969 there were only 2 restaurants in the city of Richardson. There are 7 restaurants in the shopping center where Sleep Central is now located. Richardson has come a long way. Now it is a thriving suburb of Dallas and an international telecom center. The Harrells have lived in the Richardson area for over 45 years.

Harrell Furniture ceased operations in 1986, and the Harrell's went on to work for several large local furniture retailers in various positions including sales/management/training/recruiting/and buyer positions.

The desire was always there to open another store together. Sleep Central is the realization of that dream. Our mission is to use the experience we have gained over a lifetime in this business to offer the very best service to our customers at the very best price. The Harrell's say, "this is a very competitive market and the competition is good. We know that we must be a cut above the rest. There is no way that a big box or five hundred store chain can give you the personal service that Sleep Central can. They just cannot be as flexible as we can be."

Sleep Central also offers some things the "Big Guys" either can't or won't offer like free local delivery, free set-up, and free removal of old bedding. We will also haul off your old mattress and donate it to charity. That service is free.

Sleep Central also offers something that no other mattress store can offer. We have a mattress test room. Some customers don't like to lie on a mattress with other people around, and some customers don't like to make an expensive buying decision after lying on a mattress for 5 or 10 minutes. At Sleep Central you can make an appointment to try out the mattress set of your choice for up to 2 hours with sheets and a comforter in a private room with a TV and stereo. You really can't make a mistake when you buy from Sleep Central.